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InPage takes online advertising to a whole new level, by providing television-style, full motion, full-screen, full sound adverts that appear in the ‘latent time’ between pages. InPage is a complete ad management and reporting solution rolled into one powerful product.
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There are a number of ways that you can work and get involved with InPage:

InPage Advertisers
InPageAds provides you with a highly effective tool for improving your online brand impact.

Until now, print and television media were the only effective way to create and manage a brand campaign. With InPageAds you can allocate spend from your traditional branding budget to the Internet and achieve results. InPageAds has revolutionised online advertising by placing full screen, full motion, and contextually targeted ads between Web pages. This form of media creates a powerful branding tool for you, the Advertiser.

InPage Publishers
Drive revenue while entertaining, exciting & informing your target markets. InPage for Publishers gives you extensive management and reporting capability. InPage offers any size Portal, Hub or Commercial site the perfect opportunity to grow online revenue dramatically. You target your own Advertisers and set your own rates based on your own criteria. You can choose to manage your own campaigns or even set permissions for Advertisers or Agencies to manage their own campaigns.

InPage Agencies
Brand impact is attributed as the driving force behind the upswing in Internet advertising spend. With the advent of InPage, print and television media are no longer the only effective way to create and manage a brand. InPage now gives you the ability to tap into your client’s traditional branding budgets to create highly effective branding campaigns on the Internet.

InPage ISP
Create, setup, manage and report on powerful full-screen, full motion branding and advertising

Attract new clients by offering our innovative ads serving technology, as an InPage Technology partner you will receive qualified referrals,the dedicated attention of a personal account manager, free marketing and sales assets, as well as discounted ad inventory for your own use.

The InPage ad serving solution requires the installation of InPage Application Server (IAS) on the Internet server delivering InPage ads. IAS is free of charge and gives you unprecedented management of your InPage client base through our InTouch administration system.

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